Me + Some Friends + My Cousin have all been PERM Suspended!

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Me + Some Friends + My Cousin have all been PERM Suspended! Empty Me + Some Friends + My Cousin have all been PERM Suspended!

Post  LetMeSeeYouKill on Thu Sep 22, 2011 2:29 am

Sorry guys this will be a lengthy post i'm ripping information from my BAN APPEAL to microsoft because i don't feel like retyping all this it was well over 6 Pages long!
Please note i'll be editing this post while it's posted as i find issues!

I Was banned on 8/17/2011! and below is what happened that day and 2 days prior!

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction.
2. Breakdown – Information.
3. Email – Disclosed.
4. Account Information.
5. Contact Information.
6. Requested Information.
7. Conclusion.
8. Final Statement.

Okay I recently posted more than 24 hours ago however my thread was never looked and has no responses. Which leads me to think it may have been deleted or decline as the posting guide states that an admin can delete threads. If this thread is once again not responded to within 24 hours I will create a new one. I am not trying to be difficult I only wish my threads be responded to instead of ignored.

Breakdown - Information:
Okay I believe there has been a mistake in my suspension until 12/31/9999.

So with that mentioned I’m going to explain everything I’ve done from Monday
August 15th 2011 through Wednesday 17th 2011 which are the main 3 days I will go over. I will also mention Thursday and Friday now since those are two days that I have been suspended for and I have had additional phone conversations.

Around 8-9PM I visited a local Gamestop.
Contact Information: 1593 Niagara Falls Blvd, Amherst NY- (716) 446-0917.
While there I found a 1600 Microsoft point card for $19.99 USD with tax this was a little over $21USD.

Then I visited a local Bestbuy however they had ran out of stock on the $14.99 USD 3 month Xbox live membership card. So I went home and entered in the 1600 Microsoft Point card. My new balance was 1640 Microsoft Points.

Around 7PM I visited a different Bestbuy.
Contacts Information: 4401 Transit Road, Buffalo NY - (716) 633-2157.
After searching for about 3-5 minutes I was able to find the 3 month Xbox live card. I asked a nearby worker if this card was still on sale for $14.99 USD and he checked it and said yes. So I went to the cash register and with tax the card came to a little over $16 USD.

Then I go home and the first thing I do is hop on my computer to enter in the code since I didn’t want to waist time typing it with a controller on the Xbox. So as I press enter I get a message saying error processing or something related I can’t honestly remember. So I think it’s just an issue with the online service and I did something wrong. I then hop on my Xbox and attempt to enter in the code. I get an error status code. Now I go back on the computer and try it again only this time I think it was saying something about my account being currently suspended. So I visited my Account information and it says my account is currently suspended because of issues with a credit card. I attempt to remove the credit card and in the response I get a message saying I have an outstanding balance on my account so I refused to remove it. After speaking with my friends about this they suggested contacting them so I searched up on how to contact Xbox and found a phone number 800-469-9269. I called the number gave options 1 then 1 for account billing related issues. The employee on the phone required I give him all information I can on my account such as gamertag, security question, my name, owner of accounts name, last four digits of credit card. So then after finally verifying that the account is me he had me on hold for a bit explained the problem that has occurred and put me as a Silver Member and removed all credit cards from the account. He then asked me to give him the code for the Xbox 3 month live card. I gave him the code as asked I forget the reason but I think it was to verify or activate it maybe I can’t remember. So after saying the code was good to go he asked me to enter it into the Xbox I did however I typed the last part wrong and I got an error code like d0000034 or something. He then had me on hold for roughly 5 minutes however after 1 minute I figured out the problem was that I typed it wrong and I now had 3 months of Xbox live membership. He then got back on the phone and said that he thought that may have been the issue so I said my thanks and ended the phone call. Later that night I went off to sleep.


Some time during the day I think in the evening I decided to go on Xbox live. Later in the day around 8PM I was playing a Zombies game on Call of Duty: Black Ops. I was then disconnected during this game with a message saying: You have been disconnected from Xbox live. Then I attempted to sign-in. However instead of signing in I got a message saying my account has been suspended until the year 12/31/9999 and to visit my message center for details. I do visit however the only emails are thanking me for purchasing a 3 month Xbox live card and actually I think I had two of these messages with different information.

So after talking to a few of my friends I was playing with they suggested to call again. I did and I told this employee that my account has been suspended until the year 12/31/9999 and that it told me to visit my email however there has been no confirmation on what I did wrong. The employee then asks me for my gamertag and all that other information however for some very odd reason he was unable to find my account in the database. Not only that this employee sounded very unprofessional on the phone when I was talking to him however I wasn’t really concerned I only thought it was something worth mentioning. So I ended this phone called very angry knowing absolutely nothing on why my account is suspended. 30 minutes later I decided to check my email again this time I find a new email talking about my suspension from Xbox live. This email claims I am a marketplace theft and that I did various matters which resulted in the suspension of my account. I’m thinking in my head how this can even be possible. The only thing I have done in any relevance to marketplace related issues are the two codes I purchased Monday and Tuesday.

So I call the same number again I told them how I was just recently suspended until the year 12/31/9999 and that I has just received an email on the subject. The email says that I’m a marketplace theft. He reviewed my account after I gave him all the verification information and told me that he found nothing wrong with my account. He then suggested that I try to recover my account because other people had called in with a similar issue and recovering the account had fixed it right up. Well I tried this and nothing had changed I was still suspended. So then he begins explaining about being given the ban hammer and how that’s done from somewhere else. He then mentions that I need to visit the Xbox live forums and make an appeal thread. Then tells me how I can get to this page. I thank him for trying to help me with my dilemma and then end the phone call.

My view of the Issue:

Alright so I believe Xbox live has made an error with banning my account over the past 2 days I’ve been viewing the status of my account every 30minutes – 1 hour. So here’s what I think may have happened which resulted in mistakenly banning me. Please note these are only theories and are only based on information that has happened in the past week from August 15th 2011 through August 17th 2011.

Theory 1:
While attempting to enter the redeem code so many time that system may have thought I was attempting to duplicate the redeem code some how. Which triggered the system that I was a suspicious person and to place me in some queue to be looked at for investigation.

Theory 2:
When the person on the phone requested the code that had been activated at Bestbuy he might of activated it once again which the system may have though was a duplication and since I was the person that entered this code the system rendered me as duplicating the redeem codes.

6 days later my friend:
xUrban ViiP3R was banned formally known as Urban ViiP3R which is his new account.
2 days after that ban another friend:
SeRgA3nT fLuFfY was banned and his new account is now AdictiveFluffy1.
3 Days after that ban my Cousin got banned:
johnnymax00 was banned he unfortunately will not be playing xbox anymore.
20 days after this when i got to play moon with a friend i haven't talked to since the ban gets banned the very day we played!! this is completely suspisious its almost like every friend i talk to about being banned gets banned like a god damn virus.
SsKiLLzZ was the banned account and Tw1zTeD faTezZ is the new account.

So whats really dumb is i had just spent like 40 something USD on my damn account to be banned like less than a day later...


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Me + Some Friends + My Cousin have all been PERM Suspended! Empty Re: Me + Some Friends + My Cousin have all been PERM Suspended!

Post  Potato on Thu Sep 22, 2011 3:54 pm

I also got banned when I was playing the new zombies map pack, moon. Hmmmmmmm.


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