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Post  like on Sat Sep 03, 2011 3:47 am

Well, i may have not put as much time or money into xbox as you have. But i was permanently suspended for marketplace theft on august 29 2011. Ive never stolen from the marketplace, to be honest, i dont even know how you would do that..?? Ive had xbox live for just under 2 and a half hours, and when i was younger i played on my brothers account for about 2 years. Ive emailed microsoft support and all they say is that the only way ill get any help is to post on the enforcement team forums, they delete every single post i attempt to make, even when i say NOTHING offensive to microsoft. This is actually retarded. Like you go through the forums and they permanently ban people for changing their skin colour, LOL what a joke.

Ive read ways to get my account unsuspended, which ill attempt tommorrow over the phone, and also my best friend has had his account permanently suspended for marketplace theft aswell. Microsoft is out of control with this ban wave, it is absoblutely ridiculous for the reasons they're banning people for, honestly. And what about the 7 months of live i have left? oh id say about $40 down the drain, not to mention the multiple ms point cards ive redeemed and used on this account which wont be attatched to a new profile, on the xbox yes, but if i go to a friends, i wont be able to use the dlc.

I feel your pain main, i know how it feels. Ive bought 2 xbox's, nothing was wrong with the first, after just over 2 years, but i wanted a bigger hdd so just upgraded. Ive bought between 5 and 15 new games. and multiple others which were used but still games. Ive played friends God games and arcade games and indie games at friends houses, DID NOT STEAL.

That is my story, ill post again if i get my account unsuspended because apparently there have some successful attempts at this.



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Post  booozbuster on Sat Sep 03, 2011 7:21 pm

All i have to say is that I wish you luck in getting your account back, as to anyone else that has been wrongfully banned. Personally, i was really pissed and really wanted my account back. Now that ive had some time to sit on it though, ive decided, "screw xbox, why pay for a service that will ban a 5 year loyal customer thats never once been banned/suspended/warned for ANYTHING, when i can play ps3 for free and use the $60 a year for another game?" I wouldnt mind continuing paying $60 a year for the service if I was to get my account back, but i doubt it will happen, and I'm done with their BS. But again, I wish you the best of luck. Please let me know how it turns out for you, i am very interested in the topic.

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