They wont tell me what I did.....

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They wont tell me what I did..... Empty They wont tell me what I did.....

Post  NothingGood on Tue Aug 14, 2012 7:54 am

My 4 year account was banned on January 3rd 2012. The Email said it was for "Profile Tampering" which is modding the Avatar's color or modding the Tenure on the Account. None of these were done. So I went to the Forums and asked the Enforcement Team what I'm being accused of. 3 words: "User Account Tampering" What the hell is this? What does this even tell me? After asking again, the answer had been completely changed to "Message traffic regarding ISO's for the PC." Yes, PC, not Xbox 360. I had been discussing the PC version of Left 4 Dead 2 for weeks prior to the Suspension to a few friends. There's nothing in the Code of Conduct or Terms of Use regarding message traffic regarding ISO's! So when I ask again, it had been moved to "System Tampering" which means I modded my Xbox 360, how did we get from Profile Tampering to System Tampering? If I was accused of modding my Xbox 360 why wasn't I console banned?! After this they said further action will be taken if I ask again. How can further action be taken if they just keep changing the reason for the Suspension? The last thing they accused me of was intentionally playing with someone who's modding the game to inflate my Gamerscore and/or Rank. All I do is play Call of Duty 3, yes CoD3 not MW3. None of these things even exist in CoD3. I no longer get a reply when I ask what the account was suspended for. The really odd thing about this is every time they replied, they would delete the post so no one else could see the post in the Forums. I lost my account 7 months ago and I still don't know what I'm being accused of. I've been saying "FML" for the longest time BEFORE this even happened, Fuck this life.


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