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Post  beastomega17 on Wed Mar 07, 2012 7:21 pm

I've have used xbox live for 2 years no problems at all except last year my account was hacked i called they said they would do what they could and my friend got his hacked the next day and they got his back the next day i havent gotten mine in 10 months.Another thing is i made a new account just bought a year subscription everythings good and got on netflix and watched it for about a month and i get on the next month and they say banned till 12/31/9999 and i check the email and it says Account Theft.
How? i have been watching netflix for the past month i never asked anyone for their account let alone a littl 48-hour trial idk what they are talking about and i believe i am sellling my xbox and all 350+ of my games and buying a gaming desktop



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