XBox Live is out of control (Suspensions / Bans)

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XBox Live is out of control (Suspensions / Bans) Empty XBox Live is out of control (Suspensions / Bans)

Post  Concerned on Mon Jan 30, 2012 12:43 am

I have been suspended from XBox Live for life. You be the judge if the punishment fits the unknowing crime.

A friend of mine asked me to send out a message "If you want to join a mod lobby contact XXXXXXXX" (his user name). Thinking I am a good guy and helping out a friend, I did send out the message to a few people. I never went into the lobby and never intentionally broke any ToS and CoC rules. I only did this action on one day.

The reason the forum said I was permanently banned was because I sent out that message and played with that friend (legally). I never entered a mod lobby and only played with him legally. Here is their quote:

"Reason: This account was offering modded lobbies to other users.". Yes I am guilty of this and unfortunately did not realize this was against CoC rules. However I have read through their Code of Conduct and Terms of Use and this act is not listed as being illegal.

I would understand that a temporary suspension with an explanation of my actions is a good punishment for a first time offender. But a permanent ban seems a little extreme in my opinion. Not to mention they took my remaining months on XBox Live I paid for and took my remaining Microsoft points. This is just highway robbery. Ok I get the suspension whether or not I agree with it but stealing my $?

I then went back to them asking if they could reconsider the permanent suspension, they then responded with a conflicting reason which was something I did not do:

"Reason: Your account was permanently suspended for system tampering." - this conflicts with the first reason which I admit I did do, this is a lie and I did no such thing. It also did not answer my question on reconsidering my perma suspension. I then notified them I did not do this act and it conflicts with their first reason. They responded with.

Reason:We have deleted this post as you either already have a post awaiting moderation, or have previously received a response on this issue." - Wow unbelievable!!!!! They refuse to answer my question directly. I then asked them to give me a phone number, e-mail address or a way to contact someone. Instead of giving me this information they responded with and I quote:

"Reason: You have been answered. If you continue to post regarding this issue further action will be taken". - Right after that message I never responded to their threat and figured them to be thieves, unprofessional and decided to move on. To my amazement on the very next day I get another suspension saying:

“This email is to notify you that your Xbox LIVE account privileges have been permanently suspended due to inappropriate gameplay and/or system abuse These actions have been determined to be severe, repeated, and/or excessive.

The conduct that caused this suspension may include, but is not limited to:
• Exploiting game bugs or glitches
• Network interference
• Player feedback abuse
• Complaint abuse
• Console tampering"

Well my guess is this is for the Player feedback abuse because I asked so many questions and because I did not do any of the others listed. So I guess I have been permanently banned twice. How can they take further action when I did not continue to post regarding this issue? Or are they responding with a third reason which conflicts with the first two? I would think that Player feedback abuse is complaining on another player falsely. I would ask them but I am afraid that men in black suits would show up at my door.

So what I have learned is XBox live is out of control, unreasonable, thieves, unprofessional and are acting like the mafia.


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