My ridiculous story.

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My ridiculous story. Empty My ridiculous story.

Post  FOREVERBANNED on Tue Jan 17, 2012 8:58 pm

It was like 1:30 AM when i got on my XBOX360. When I started playing, Everything was okay, a couple zombie maps, then my friend puts on call of the dead. Only map I didn't have. He started the game when my cell phone rang. I went to go pick it up. No-one was there. I go sit back down and i go play solo on Kino Der Toten. I get another call. This time by Microsoft. I answer. No one was there. I hung up and dialed them as I started playing again. When they answered it was a person. It said my name then it said my gamertag. it brought me to a machine talking. It then took me to a Mod. I asked him what the hell is wrong with him. He called at 2:00 am. He told me he called because i went online. He said in his database a ton of things were being hacked in my area. He told me it was me. I told him stop messing with me. He hung up. I went off to bed, feeling stalked. When I woke up that morning I ate breakfast and started playing again. I started feeling creeped out. I started playing moon when my friend magicly disappeared of the game. I went on my friend's list to invite him back. he wasn't on it. I searched his name up 3 times. No results. He called and I asked him what happened. His account was banned for MT ( MArketplace theft ) Then he said after trying to sign in a couple more times, his console got banned. I called MS and asked what the hell was wrong. The girl just argued with me. I found myself banned the minute later as my mom got a E-Mail. I was bannrd for Cheating and Marketplace theft. I did no such thing. When I kept trying to get my account working again. My console was banned.

So that is my ridiculous story >:I

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