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same ol story *read if you want* Empty same ol story *read if you want*

Post  LilJo on Sat Dec 31, 2011 10:34 am

so ya like ill say about 6 months ago i go on xbox live "banned for 9999 years" THE F? so i call MS TS... go to a site they say... so i do i make atleast 6 topics... NO reply not even one.. so i gave up. then saw your youtube vid same shit you went threw i went threw.. and i could never fig it out and it was annoying.. i wasted 100's of dollars on that account but what ever.. this is the thing... if you're signed up with the Xbox live MSP program where you can make msp buy doing surveys and buying stuff well sometimes it award you more msp then it gives out and ms said if that happens they will let you keep they msp... way to go back on their word Smile but if you were not signed up with the msp program then idk cus i got a letter saying i also was stealing msp... STEALING MICROSOFT POINTS???? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKAY!!!!!..... and for them not to reply to me and explain to me what happen or try and work with me or what ever.. NOOOOOOOOO ignore me and steal more peoples money.. someone needs to take xbl down foreal... but im on a new account. have i spent ANY money on ms? HELL NO.... not 1 cent. my friends buy me 1 years.. and for games they also will buy me a copy when they buy a game. but anyways i wrote alot lol thats lack of sleep i just keep typing and typing... well ya fuck microsoft.. rant over


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