i know why a majority of people are being banned wrongfully

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i know why a majority of people are being banned wrongfully

Post  copperhead6202 on Sun Nov 20, 2011 4:46 pm

alright i got banned for so called marketplace theft. this all started when i bought a dlc. well i wanted to play it at a friends house so i put my account on a flashdrive. i did not recover. so at my friends house i downloaded the dlc i already bought and thought nothing of it. well since i didnt recover my account the dlc was on both xboxs. they then banned me and sent me an email saying i was banned for duplicating game data, this is an honest mistake that anyone can make. im trying to contact microsoft in everyway possible but they make it kinda like a maze. it just isnt user friendly. the fact that i have to make a new account to go to their forums and find out y iu was banned is just ridiculous. its set up poorly and everytime u talk to a real person they have to follow a script of answers so they are almost useless to talk to. my account was copperhead6202. had a gamerscore of over 35000 and hundreds in DLCs but now all that game data is at risk. i could use any help to get my account back please/


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