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Frustration with XBOX Empty Frustration with XBOX

Post  salwan96 on Sat Nov 05, 2011 4:39 am

All right I saw your video on youtube, and I felt like I had to post my frustration with Xbox, my story goes back deep. I bought the orginal xbox in December 01, for christmas, I was real happy when I got it. Live came out in November 2002 (back then its 30$ a year), I was one of the first to try it, and at first it was not all that much fun. By the time Halo 2 came out two years later, everyone wanted to play on LIVE. Well time went and came, then in December of 2005, I realized that I should retire my old box and settle for the new 360. Now I fix computers in my spare time, and I know wheter something is built right, just my holding it and feeling it structurally, and boy was I surprised when I unwrapped it from the box. The orginal generation of Xbox 360 not only, had several faliures like RROD, it was built very very very cheaply. The lowest grade materials were used, the clunky disc drive got stuck so many times, and eventually like many others, RROD. Well this all happened to me in 20 days, so I returned it to Best buy in January 2006, and I was intent on not buying another one. Finally I got another one this year, promising myself to keep it in good condtion and care for it. I've purchased quite a bit of games for the xbox, and everything is working well. Finally the other day I saw your video and I was not shocked, my friend had his 360 banned for something that will blow your mind out. He pre ordered Halo Reach back in September 10, and the thing is the early copies of that game started getting major scratches after being played on matchmaking for some reason. Cleaning the disc does'nt help, and it happens in all 360s. Eventually the disc got so scratched up that he couldn't get on LIVE. Then one day he wakes up to a ban, for what? Piracy according to Microsoft, when they're own game discs are so defective they mistake them for pirated copies? I still find it hard to believe, but he showed me everything, and I don't know what to say, its gotta be the most ridiculous ban ever!!! The thing that makes me so angry is that Microsoft support says they cannot unban you and that console will be banned forever. Turns out that is not true, some people had themselves unbanned by Microsoft. The truth is they CAN unban you, they'll just never do it. I'm seriously considring selling my box, and moving on.


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