Heres how to get unbanned

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Heres how to get unbanned Empty Heres how to get unbanned

Post  Potato on Fri Sep 23, 2011 6:34 pm


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Heres how to get unbanned Empty Re: Heres how to get unbanned

Post  Wally16 on Sat Sep 24, 2011 3:13 am

Thanks for sharing this. For those who don't read the article, it basically says Microsoft admits that from August 29th to September 9th (the recent banwave) that some consoles were wrongfully banned. This issue only deals with console bans, not "marketplace theft" suspension. Some of those console will be given back access to Xbox Live as well as 3 free months of Xbox LIVE and 1600 Microsoft Points.

An excert from the article discussing this:
"Therefore, while we are still conducting a thorough investigation, the enforcement team is taking the step of reversing the bans for the tiny set of impacted consoles in that time period. Again, while it’s an extremely small percentage of impacted consoles, the good news is that we know exactly which ones. If you believe you are affected, simply try to reconnect your console to Xbox LIVE. If it cannot still connect, that console was not a part of this issue.

Within a few business days, we will issue the primary account holder on the impacted console a credit for three months of Xbox LIVE Gold and 1600 Microsoft points. Since we know exactly who is affected, those customers do not need to take any action. Everything will be applied automatically. No keys or tokens to redeem, no other action to be taken."

Unfortunately, for those of us who were banned for alleged "marketplace theft", it doesn't look like we will be getting our accounts back. I've already started a new one anyway. My new gamertag is Wally17. Feel free to add me as I have to create a friends list again.

Heres how to get unbanned Markeplacetheftstepto

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