Console Banned - What a bunch of shit

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Console Banned - What a bunch of shit Empty Console Banned - What a bunch of shit

Post  banned_for_noreason on Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:27 am

Sigh....heres my well told story. i'm sick of it already

Console banned as of Sep 10. UK Xbox, bought brand new about a year ago from Game (or memory is blurry).
Xbox LIVE subscriber for about 4 years. I'm xbox number 2

I've tried phoning support, emailing support, the forums are FUCKING USELESS. "Please go to the console ban" page they say.
what do you find at the console ban page? A bit about how it could of happened, and nothing to actually go on if you have an appeal to make. Its just a dead end.

I've came across the xbox facebook, page, there is a discussion on there. See if you can add to it. I've contributed my story in short to a few comment sections on some news sites like the escapist who had a story about xboxs ban hammer.

I'm looking at trading standards and freedom in information. If they have something against me, it my right to know what the hell it is.

like i said i'm console banned, by my gamertag is fine. So this makes me suspicious of the console I bought. Did i buy a refurbished one, thinking it was brand new? Have the game shop fucked up?

either way, this whole " we wont tell you what you done, so fuck off" practise from microsoft is A Grade Premium dickfart!


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