M$ Enforcement Team ='(

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M$ Enforcement Team ='( Empty M$ Enforcement Team ='(

Post  xleftii on Sat Sep 10, 2011 4:40 pm

I think they should have more ways of contacting them but they hide behind there fourms that's it. I've posted 3 times on that fourm and its been 3-4 day and they don't post it the last date they accepted was sept 3 -BULLSHIT- Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Please share what you think about the Enforcement Team


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M$ Enforcement Team ='( Empty Re: M$ Enforcement Team ='(

Post  Lt BushWookie on Mon Sep 19, 2011 9:39 pm

The enforcement team is being a real ass right now. I've actually been taking the time to read the terms and conditions/Code of conduct. I've actually had a bit of luck by asking questions on the phone that people don't usually ask.


They say they can't give me the enforcement teams number, I ask who can? (Re-routed to the hard ass manager/supervisor who I have to pass through before getting anywhere else. I got no further, but i think that's the farthest anyone's got.)

Is there any more information I can get on the actual requirements to have a person be banned on live. (Current answer read code of conduct/ Terms of conditions. If the information is not enough mail Microsoft)

I mailed Microsoft a letter, awaiting a response.

Anyway, I'm not to keen on going to court but at this point, I really want to know what I did. I'll take them to court if all my options are gone. At least then they have to present evidence to me, unless they want to lose the trial.
Lt BushWookie
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