m$ needs to go down!

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m$ needs to go down! Empty m$ needs to go down!

Post  bOOmBoTz on Wed Sep 07, 2011 10:35 pm

im completly dumbfounded by this i know ms to be a shit company they have screwed me in various ways over my 3 years with them but this is utterly retarded i myself have not yet been banned but i have used the bing rewards program and intend on buying re4 this month when released if i get banned i will be utterly pissed i have ringed 10 consoles and please i dont want to start a flame war but my launch ps3 works ms is getting way to greedy/cocky/careless and it shows to me that they could give a damn out the 35 million xbl gamers that they wouldnt be squat without

i started this topic because the guy who made this needs the full support of all these gamers i agree its about time we put a stand without us microsuck wouldnt have a pot to piss in and as gamers we are the voice wether they see it the easy way or the hard way....maybe its time we start making a switch to sony if were going to be mugged in an alleyway buy these guys everytime we sign into xbl

this guy has my full support and i hope these numbers grow

(i say all this as an avid gamer all my friends are on xbl daily and im a die hard forza fan)

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