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Post  sweatypeechfuzz on Sun Sep 04, 2011 10:22 pm

ive had an xbox for 3 years, had the red ring of death 1 time, spent tons of money on mc points and gold memberships including the 3 months i bought about a week ago for 25 bucks. I feel robbed not only out of the 2 months and 3 weeks i still had left of gold but also of all the fallout dlc and oblivion dlc the gears of war dlc the cod waw dlc black ops dlc and the many arcade games i bought and tons more. Ive also been robbed of all the time ive spent trying to go after those hard achievements just to get my gamerscore up to 36000 and most of all ive had my name stolen from me. I will never ever be able to play as SWEATYPEECHFUZZ again. at the beginning of the summer i bought a ps3 had it for about two weeks and realized i didnt like it as much as my xbox and i probably played about 3 hours of ps3 in those 2 weeks. those 3 hours were probably the first day i got my playstation then after two weeks i got a full refund at best buy. i wasnt an xbox fanboy untill i purchased the playstation, after purchasing i had this gut wrenching feeling in my stomach thinking i wasted my money on the playstation. the playstation was fun but i felt like a just spent a lot of money on something i never play. now i have this same feeling in my stomach everytime i think about getting on my xbox and then remembering i just lost everything. thanks for listening to my story and boozbuster673 i was wondering if you could create another section for people who think they know possible reason this has happened.

I also forgot to mention the 2 wireless mics i bought that died after a year. the chat pad i bought that i have no use for now. the 2 wired mics that were not broken on the outside in any way but also just stopped working. the wirless adapter i plug into the back of my xbox i bought for 100 bucks. my charging station i bought for 60. my four controllers. thats 450 dollars right there i didnt realize how much i spent till i added all that up btw that doesnt include all my games. some of these games will be popular abreviations cuzz i dont want to type them all out. rdr gta halo 3,odst,reach gears1,2 saints 2, cod 4 - black ops, fo3,newvegas, oblivion, ncaa11, ac1,2,brotherhood, deadspace1,2, l4d1,2, fable2,3, transformerswfc, masseffect1,2, badcompany1,2 farcry2, RE5, and the darkness. I dont feel like listing to my purchase history but i can assure everyone ive spent about 50 on arcade games 10 on community/indie games and 200 on dlc/mappacks. Now for the others that dont have to do with my account but still spent on microsoft products. ive bought probably 3 month cards and 2 1600 point cards for friends birthdays so thats 774 dollars spent on everything not including the console and the games, and the worst thing is that im not gonna get my name back EVER!!!! thanks for reading and goodluck to everyone else trying to get their account back.


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Post  Lt BushWookie on Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:52 pm

Sucks man. I wish Microsoft wasn't being such a turd, I'm getting really pissed off at them, Not responding to anyone it's ridiculous.

SWEATYPEECHFUZZ's ban story 2380_111
Come on Microsoft man the fuck up and face us!
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